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homeopaths logoBarbara Geraghty BA(Hons) Lic.LCCH RSHom
a registered member of The Society of Homeopaths
Homeopathic Practice serving Wimbledon and South West London
Tel: 020 8786 8641
  | Website: www.barbarageraghty.co.uk/
Why would anybody be interested in Homeopathy?

Excellent question! If you are already full of energy, rising above life's  challenges and fit as a fiddle you probably wouldn't. Though if you're not, you might, wouldn't you? 

Local homoeopath, Barbara Geraghty, RSHom., trained at the London College of Classical Homoeopathy and has been in practice for over eleven years. 

Contact Barbara on 0208 786 8641 to arrange an appointment.

Homeopathy is a system of healing which helps stimulate the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It is a person-centered approach, where people are seen in terms of their body, mind and spirit. Health is seen as the well-being of all three parts, and ill-health as disharmony within the whole person. Symptoms are the means of expressing this disharmony. A homeopath observes each patient's individual and specific symptoms, with the result that two individuals may receive different remedies for the same medical diagnosis. Throughout medical history there have been two basic schools of thought - one treating diseases with 'opposites' and the other, treating with 'similars'. The first would treat, say, constipation with laxatives which produce diarrhoea. Homeopathy, meaning 'similar suffering', follows the second theory and treats disease using a substance that produces similar disease symptoms in a healthy person. This idea can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks, but the German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) developed the entire healing system of Homeopathy on the principle 'let like be cured with like'. The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health in the shortest, most reliable, harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles'. Samuel Hahnemann 'The Organon of Medicine'

Homeopathic remedies are prepared from all manner of natural substances and tested on human volunteers. They are pleasant and easy to take. The success of any course of treatment depends on the severity and duration of the condition.

A little about myself.

I graduated from the London College of Classical Homeopathy in 1991, and have been a Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths since 1993. At College my special interest had been the homeopathic treatment of women during pregnancy and childbirth, so that in the early days of my practice, most of my clients were looking for help during pregnancy, enquiring about the use of remedies during labour or suffering from post-natal problems. My book, 'Homeopathy for Midwives' published by Churchill Livingstone in 1997 has become a popular textbook for student midwives and homeopaths alike.

Over the years my practice has grown, largely by word of mouth, to encompass people of all ages from all walks of life with all manner of problems - very much a practice for all the family!

 Barbara may be contacted on 020 8786 8641 for
further details or to arrange an appointment.

Barbara Geraghty also has her own website

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