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The Wimbledon and South West London Self Catering Directory is now live on our website.  Continue reading below the screenshot…

Self Catering Directory screenshot

To complement our comprehensive Guest House and Hotel directories, we now have a Self Catering Directory for Wimbledon and South West London.

We are very pleased to welcome Self Catering Wimbledon into our directory.  This is a stunning apartment just 7 minutes walk from Wimbledon Station and Town and only a couple of minutes walk from pubs, many restaurants and a great selection of stylish shops in Wimbledon Village.

If you are in need of a superb and well established self catering flat, for a minimum of one week, be sure to check-out the this property.


Author: Andrzej Rodziewicz

Andrzej is the Webmaster and Editor at Wimbledon Visitor.  He is a freelance website designer and can create a Small Business or Personal website for you, to help new customers find you.  To contact Andrzej, view his Contact page.

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