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List your Wimbledon hotel
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It’s easy to get listed on  Just click here (or on the graphic) and follow the easy set-up instructions.

Why Should I List My Hotel On

List your hotel on the world’s most successful hotel booking website and pay no commission on your first five bookings.

Once registered, update your property details (including photographs) at any time, through’s secure dashboard.  

Have complete freedom to open and close your hotel, at any time of year best for you.

Set your booking price shown to guests. will not add extra charges.  That way, guests will know exactly how much their room will cost. will search engine optimise your listings.  For many areas (including Wimbledon), your area listing will appear towards the top of Google’s search engine results.

Affiliate Disclosure

Wimbledon Visitor participates in the affiliate programme.  If you click through to one of our links and proceed with a hotel booking (or property referral), we may receive a small commission.  That helps support our website – thank you for this.  Any commission earned will be at no extra cost to you.

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